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 academicskills.eu is a non-profit co-operative venture based on collective and collaborative principles.

Our mission is to be a European-wide leader in delivering the best guidance to enable you to achieve your Higher Education aspiration in whatever subject you are studying, in English, at Higher Education level.

Our 2011-12 development objective is:

to provide a portal to access the best study and academic skills resources currently available in the public domain.

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Our 2012-14 development objectives are:

to develop academic skills support methods that focus on self actualisation and performance.

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There are many good study skills books available. You may be interested in the following:

From Pearson education:

effective study skills. Price, G. and Maier, P.

Study Skills for Science, Engineering & Technology Students. Maier, P., Barney, A. & Price, G.

Study Skills for Nursing and Healthcare Students. Cowen, M., Maier, P. & Price, G.

Study Skills for Business and Management Students. Ramsay, P., Maier, P. & Price, G.



If you are a professional individual, a business, an UK Higher Education institution seeking to develop international academic staff, or an academic writing research bids, conference papers or similar you may be interested in the following link:



 Why is this site just text?

We aim to make academic practices both clear and accessible, based on sound content. We think that our website should apply these principles to ensure substance rather than style prevails.